Please Help me identify this Bag

  1. My mom sent me this Fendi bag a few days ago and I want to identify it. I know its zucca and its at least a couple years old.

    Thanks in advance for the help!
    purses 150z.jpg
  2. Mama - not sure, but what happened to the handle?? looks like a home repair :confused1:. Does it have a serial number on leather strip inside bag & hologram or a number printed on pocket? If so, please post as will help us get answers.:smile:
  3. Its sad whoever did that to the handles:sad:

    Heres one more picture I dont see any type of serial tag or holo tag, The lining somewhat shimery wwith the FENDI print uppside down throughout. The front silver studs say "FENDI" 2 x's on each one. The handles are very sturdy just someone loves this thing to death:push:

    For just $9.99 I thought it'd be worth trying to take to a repair shop an chancing authenticity! I really love the style of it and can't seem to find an authentic one like it online.

    Do you think its more than 10 years old? Thanks baglady for any help you can give me