please help me identify this bag!!!!

  1. so. there are two auctions on eBay right now for this bag, however, the auctions are different sizes.
    i haven't seen this bag at holt before, so i was wondering wether it is
    A: authentic
    B: two different sizes
    C: an actual burberry style.

    if you guys could help me out that would be great here are the two threads for both the bags (in diff sizes.)



    thank u so much!
  2. Hi again!

    As I mentioned in the Authenticate This Burberry thread...

    #1 - looks good BUT I need to see a pic of the MADE IN ITALY tag inside

    #2 - looks good BUT need a seconder

    As far as size is concerned, they look to be the same size to me - maybe the sellers are measuring at the top or at the bottom which could explain the differences in measurement...
  3. I second the 2nd bag as the seller always sells authentic:yes:
  4. I have this bag. The eBay photos appears to be authentic. You can also get it at xxxxxxx

    The website you posted has not been confirmed as selling authorized/ authentic merchandise...
  5. they both are great!
  6. Please help! I was wondering if someone can tell me whether this Burberry bag is authentic. Thanks in advance!!!