Please Help me identify this B Bag!

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  1. I thought I was in love with the Vert Gazon. :faint:. but I think this one is my fav!!! Please help me identify this bag, size, color, price... TIA!! Im not familiar with Balenciaga much at all but I love the look of the leather.. so simple yet so fab!!! :tender:
  2. That is a SS08 Vert Thym Work with giant gold hardware. Vert Gazon is SS07 and it a grass green color. :flowers:
  3. Yes, its SS08 Vert Thym.
    But it looks like a GGH weekender to me..
  4. Yes, amie & red, I was going to say a Weekender too...You can't see if there is a 3rd stud on the front...It does look quite large on her, unless she is really petit!
  5. Regarding prices, there is a list of all the models with prices in this thread, I think it's more or less updated but seems it only has RH prices for Work and Weekender:

    You can also check the current prices at the website (the US online shop). The Giant Hardware (GH) bags are more expensive than those with Regular Hardware (RH). The Giant Weekender is USD 1995, the Giant Work is USD 1725.
  6. It sure looks like a WE on her but the studs seems to look like it is a Work. It is a Vert Thyme & I love the green.
  7. Hello, looks like you received your answer! Also check out that cool reference section, it's helpful!

Thread Status:
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