Please help me identify these 2 bags!

  1. Hi everyone,
    I was wondering if you'd all be so kind as to help me identify what these 2 bags are. The first is the brown one Gemma Ward has, and the second is a blue (Balenciaga?) bag that Kate Moss has. I'd appreciate it if anyone could give me any more details on them, because I'm lusting after both! Thanks!
    gemma_bag.jpg gemma_bag02.jpg gemma_bag03.jpg new004wm4.jpg
  2. Kate Moss's bag looks like a Balenciaga Courier to me.
  3. gemma's bag is miu miu. she carries that bag a lot...
    kate's balenciaga courier or hobo from year '02 or before that because the hardware is still flat unlike the '03 and above with studded hardware
  4. Love that Balenciaga!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. ohh thanks a lot guys... but I guess it'll be hard to get my hands on Kate's Balenciaga if it's from '02.. :sad: oh well!!
  6. a girl from balenciaga forum found one on ebay some times ago.
    i think it's worth a try to search on ebay regularly but maybe the price would be high as it's quite a coveted bag :P
    good luck!