Please help me identify the official names of these colours please.

  1. Pictures from eBay.

    Are they really just "Beige" and "Grey"?

    Beige Ostrich Birkin.jpg Grey Ostrich Birkin.jpg
  2. S, that ostrich looks like "Dove Grey". My store had a Birkin that looked just like it. Wait a few and let me call my SA to double check the color...
  3. the light one is blanc cassé (broken white in french) also pretty rare and the darker one is tricky as i do not see the undertones. if it has beigeish undertones it is gris tourterelle if it is a cooler grey it is gris clair :flowers:
  4. HI lilach! The one at my store is gris tourterelle:p. There is also a new grey offered but currently only for Swift, starts with an "A"...dont remember the name.:lol:

    The "beige" one looks like GF's SO Kelly...:love:
  5. ardroise? a lighter vrsion of graphite
  6. GF's avatar is officially beige, according to her.
  7. OK I feel very simple-minded right now....
    my SA said "Dove Gray" is "Gris Tourterelle" translated into english. Sorry my mind is not all there this morning. But S, it does look like GT.:flowers:
  8. yup also blanc cassé in ostrich looks more like parchemin .in lizard it is more milky and "warmer"
  9. Sounds wonderful for lizard!:nuts:
  10. but there are two birkins in two different colors posted or am i loosing it
  11. There are indeed 2 different Birkins, lilach :flowers:.

    I am leaning to Gris T for the grey one, only because the stores seem to be receiving Gris T this season and last.

    As the the beige one, I am going with your call that it's blanc casse.
  12. puh thanks i was afraid i was loosing my eyesight and believe me the first one(lighter one) is 110% blanc cassé ;) and oui i think you are doing the right thing by assuming number 2 it to be gris tourterelle :flowers:
  13. below see pics of blanc cassé under various lighting
  14. and for reference blanc cassé lizard
  15. LOL, AND according to my SA and the craftsman in the store! "Beige" is a boxcalf only colour, though - the exotics usually have different names for their colours, although there are some that are the same, like Brighton Blue & Rouge H.