please help me identify the bag

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  1. Hi,

    I need help ..I think I am in love with the bag..

    I saw a lady with chanel bag today. I love how it looks on her.
    I tried to look at the chanel pics posted by Pfers in here, the closest I can I found is the bags from Chanel4me83.

    The bag I saw was black leather flap like below and have pocket on the side. It has the same CC metal zipper pull


    The bag has diamond stiching (not double stitching )and has handles like the bag below, it's pretty much the combination of these to bags.


    Can someone post the pic if you have it,
    Is it still available in the store, can you please tell me the model #
    The dimension of the bag..

    The bag has the exact the shape like the bag #1..

    Please help..
  2. anyone?
  3. Is the the one I posted a picture of in Chanel Diamond stitch?
  4. 0.jpg


    2.jpg anything like this?
  5. ^that link doesn't work{?}
  6. hey I know those bags, j/k (will never get tiered of seeing my bags)

    I know the bag you are talking about it was in the fall/winter 2005 collection. I think someone on this forum has it, I will try to find the picture......
  7. The ultimate soft foldover?? the white one in the picture?? It was this summer - you can call around and try to hunt one down!!
  8. no, she said it's similar but w/ diamond stitching and w/ different straps. . . sounds familiar, but there's SO many new bags right now my head spins when I try and sort them! LOL!
  9. LOL..It's crazy the bag is the combination of your two bags...
    I know it soooooo last season but I think me likey this bag :shame:

    Pls..pls..I love to know more about it so I can hunt it down..

    Chanel, do you have the pic of you wearing the the white one...pls..:graucho:
  10. oh please! There's hardly such thing as "so last season" w/ Chanel! That's the beauty of it!:yes:
    You can NEVER go wrong!:heart:
  11. So true..I need at least the style # so I can make some phone calls..
  12. it's light beige, and it was made in two sizes medium and large. I have the medium, I will take the picture tomorrow
  13. DSC02379.JPG