Please help me identify Rachel Bilson's bag...

  1. ..Judging from the quilted pattern I THINK it's a Chanel. :shrugs: Any ideas, ladies?

    THANKS! :flowers:
  2. def Chanel as she loves Chanel but not sure on the style? Too bad there wasn't a good side picture :sad:
  3. Thanks for the reply, Twinklette!

    I'm thinking it MIGHT be vintage as it seems to be all the rage at the moment...I was at the store today and didn't see anything that resembled this. Oh well! Thanks again!
  4. It definitely could be vintage, I hope you find it!
  5. It looks really similar to the one I just purchased. It's called a classic flap bag. Diamond stitching. It's on 2006 fall/winter Paris #12. I had a hard time trying finding the name.

    It's gorgeous....