Please help me identify my Radley Bag!

  1. Hi,

    I bought a brand new Radley bag from a woman I work with. It is authentic, has everything where it should be!

    My question is, what is it!! I have never seen this bag before and I am desperately trying to figure out what it is called and how much it originally retailed for.

    I do not have any Radley Stores near me so I cannot take it in to ask and apparently you lot are very knowledgeable!

    Picture attached!


  2. No one know?!
  3. Sorry- i've never seen that style before! do you know when she bought it or what season it was?
  4. Thanks for the reply but in the end I just contacted Radley directly as no one seemed to know on here.

    I heard back from them the other day. The bag is called a Eskimo, it was a Ltd Edition release in Winter 2004 and retailed at £115.00 / about $240.