Please help me identify my little bag *pics*

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  1. Hi all,

    I purchased this gorgeous little bag a couple of years ago ~ but I know nothing about it at all. I think it may be a bracelet bag ~ but not sure. I don't even know how old it is.... Any info would be greatly appreciated :heart:

  2. It is a bracelet bag! I think they're circa 2003-04?

    I think CHB has a huge collection of these - hopefully she'll stop by soon!
  3. Thank you I_wona! I thought it might be a bracelet bag:tup:

    I just unearthed this bag out form the back of the wardrobe ~ I completely forgot I had it!

    Yes, I have been reading previous thrads and I have seen that CHB collects them, so hopefully she can tell me more about it :flowers:
  4. Thats a beautiful bag. I love the bracelet bags, i wish they still did them :girlsigh: I'd love to find something like that lurking in the back of my closet ;) Hope you will bring her out and start using her again.
  5. WOW :love: That is honestly the prettiest bracelet bag I've ever seen :drool:

    I agree that this style is from several years ago. But, they're very classic. Let me know if you ever need help cleaning out your closet ;)
  6. I think it is a Zoe Knight bracelet bag as well.
    She designs her own bags now...
  7. art passion - I had to look twice because your avatar is BASICALLY the exact replica of my dog! LOL.

  8. Hi, i_wona! :smile:

    Actually, I only have one Bracelet Bag (A black and gold geometric one, with green beading, from S/S '04 [shown below]).

    I do love the earlier bags, though, including the Bracelet Bags; but I'm a clutch addict, mostly and I also love the self-tie hobos (like my Tiger).

    I think chloe-babe would probably be one of the best people to ask. :smile:

    art passion, do you also have the ring (the bracelet) for it and do you mind me asking where you bought it?

    Also, does it have a datecode tab inside it?

    I think this bag is, almost certainly, from between A/W '04 and A/W '05, as the earlier ones (that didn't have the plain leather finials of the original S/S '03 ones) had more ornate finials (like the finials on my one).

    BTW, after a short break (3 seasons/18 months), they did do the Bracelet Bag, again, last year (S/S '07); they were leather (and also leather lined) and covered in large, cymbal-like, paillettes (please see below).

    I couldn't find a pic of your exact bag (although, I have definitely seen the style before), but here's a selection of Bracelet Bags, showing the finial variations:

    1. The original Bracelet Bag ad, from S/S '03, with plain leather finials.

    2 & 3. My one, from S/S '04 and Brasilian_Babe's, also from S/S '04 (ornate finials).

    4. solitair's, from A/W '04 (plainer finials, like yours).

    5 & 6. Both from A/W '05 (one with plainer finials, like yours and one with leather covered metal finials, with Swarovski crystals).

    7. saz's A/W '05 (with completely plain metal finials).

    8. The Audrey, from S/S '07 (plain, leather covered, metal finials).


    S/S '03​


    S/S '04​


    S/S '04​


    A/W '04​


    A/W '05​


    A/W '05​


    A/W '05​


    S/S '07​

    There are more pics of Bracelet Bags on the All About Vintage Chloe thread:​


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  9. Thanks for the replies ladies :heart:

    Littleblackbag and Jacico ~ thank you for the compliments ~ I really love this little bag! She is gorgeous! I can't believe I forgot all about her!

    Rachieface ~ that is so funny... This painting was a commission of much loved family pet. I loved painting her so much as she was beautiful. It was a huge oil paiting and it was hard to part with! You must have a beautiful dog:love:

    CHB~ thank you so much for getting back to me. I really apprecaite your advice! I think you are right about the date as that ties in with when I bought her ~ I won her on ebay and it must have been approximately 2 years ago now. I had several bags off this lady at that time and all turned out to ba authentic, (LV's), so I hope and pray that this one is also! if memory serves me correctly I paid rather a lot for this little gem!
    I don't ahve the bracelet, didn't reallise it should have had one ~ it vertainly doesn't look like somehtings missing off it. I can't seem to find a date code in the pocket ~ is that worrying ?

  10. No problem, art! :flowers:

    Sorry for the delay, BTW, my partner was on the laptop. :shame:

    The reason I mention the bracelet, is that some (if not all?) of the Bracelet Bags originally also came with a round metal ring, like a large bangle (like the ones shown on the original, mine, saz's and the Audrey, in the pics); hence the name 'Bracelet Bag'.

    This ring could be removed (by opening the clasps) and replaced with the more comfortable strap, which they were also supplied with, as desired. :smile:

    If it should have come with a ring, it won't look as though it is missing anything, as the ring and the strap are not used at the same time.

    Have you tried looking for the datecode tab in the seam of the lining (as well as in the pocket)? Don't worry if there isn't one, as they didn't all have one; I have several earlier, NAP-bought bags (clutches and hobos) and they are all datecode tab-free. :yes:
  11. that is stunning! how nice to have that little treat in your closet. im sure it just 'makes' an outfit!
  12. Mjlover1977 ~ thanks for the compliment of my little bag :heart: She is having an evening out on Friday and my bress is very plain ~ so I'm counting on her making the outfit!!

    CHB~ Thanks so much! You are so clever! That certainly does look like the same style as my bag ~ and the date ties in perfectly! Thank CHB :heart::flowers:

  13. Not clever - lucky! :lol:

    No problem, art! :flowers:
  14. art - how exciting that she'll be going out on Friday! I have to tell you that I'm attending a formal affair at the end of the month and evening bags that would have, in the past, been perfectly lovely no longer 'do it' for me. Ever since seeing your gorgeous little bag, I'm obsessed with finding something like her...:love: