1. Let me start out by saying I am VERY familiar with Kooba bags but I just need some extra eyes to tell me that what I think is correct (or not).. I won this bag below on eBay but it was listed as a Chiara.. I asked the seller if she was SURE that is was a Chiara and she said it was actually the bigger bag "claudia" and that she has made a mistake.

    Well I just received the bag and it was in fact a CHIARA!! I did not want a Chiara.

    To me the picture clearly shows it as a CLAUDIA b/c I have both bags and the Chiara doesn't have that much bulgy-ness. It doesn't hang like that.. you know? A Chiara also wouldn't take up that much of a standard size door..right? I hung up my Chiara and it was dwarfed by the door but then I hung up my Claudia and it looked just like her picture. I've emailed her several times today (nicely) letting her know that there must have been some confusion as to the size/ name of the bags and that I'd like a return. Just in case she gives me trouble I'd like to know from you girls.. do you agree that it looks like she used an older picture of a Claudia?? Or do you think that it is possible for them to look this much a like?

    I usually can spot a Chiara from a mile away as it is much smaller and doesn't hang quite like the Claudia. It is NOT as slouchy as the Claudia.

    Please help!!

    p.s. sorry for the triple thread earlier but the tpf website was acting very weird last night..
  2. You need Joelle for this one----JOELLE WHERE ARE YOU??!!!!!! she's the Claudia, Chiara expert. I'm confused....I haven't had enough coffee yet :smile:
  3. Really?? No help...? *bump*
  4. tee-hee hang in there girl--I know someone will see this tonight and help you, don't fret!!
  5. Thank you posk51- I appreciate your help!
  6. As a multiple Claudia owner (and previous owner of Chiara) that pic definitely looks like a Claudia to me. It's size and slouch where the handles become part of the body of the bag act just like the Claudia. My Chiaras stayed more rounded.

    Do you think perhaps she really was selling a Chiara and used a pic she filched somewhere of a Claudia, not knowing the difference?
  7. That's exactly what I thought. I am usually really good at spotting the difference. I finally heard back from the seller and she apologized about the mix-up but insists these are the actual photos. She has agreed to refund all of my money which is good- I think she knows she used a pic of a different bag. Thanks for your help!
  8. I agree with KoobaMe, the size does not look like a Chiara, the Chiara is smaller and the leather doesn't 'fold' as much as the Claudia. I'm glad the seller has been cooperative and will refund you, it's definitely not a Chiara in the photo.
  9. Ok. What is the size difference? I know Claudia is larger, but does anybody have the measurements?