Please help me identify a bag!


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Nov 9, 2010
I caught a glimpse of a purse the other day and I have to find out what it is.

It is mainly turquoise/teal, with camel colored straps and piping.
Zippered closure with what looked like an "o" pendant thing attached to the zipper.
Looked like it was leather.
Two straps with silver buckles on the body of the bag that continue up to become the straps for wearing the purse over the shoulder.
The bag itself is sort of pear-shaped (wider at the bottom than at the top)
About 16 inches in height.

If anybody knows what bag this is, please let me know!


Sep 27, 2008
san diego
Fossil makes bags with that colour combo, but I can't find one fitting that description. Maybe if the thread gets bumped up someone who knows will pop in. Good luck!