Please help me ID (& track down) this MJ shoulder bag

  1. While shopping at Barneys yesterday I came across this European lady with the most gorgeous MJ shoulder bag. It was the exact same tan color as the Chloe paddingon "tan color"; shape was more structured than a paddy (which I like) but the shoulder drop was of a similar shape. I'd never seen that style before IRL or at a MJ store; also can't find that style on the current MJ website -- so perhaps it was a past collection style(?).

    Anyway, then I searched online a bit and found this (used) MJ bag. I think what I saw today was extremely similar to this one....perhaps it was this exact bag(?). The shoulder straps did look a bit longer than pictured though (but the strap was definitely this style), as the lady I saw it on carried it on her shoulders w/o any problems. The bag I saw was tan-colored (whereas the photos below show the dark-brown version), and the leather was the yummiest I've seen in a long time.

    Does anyone know what this style is called & if any stores still carry it (or a similar-styled bag)?


  2. there's one bag called the patti that has a similar shape but buckles going down either side. It's still being sold at Neiman Marcus and I've attached a picture. Hope this helps!
  3. Foxycleopatra: I'm quite sure it's from previous seasons, I have seen some similar ones from ebay. The style name is Serena, it comes in different sizes. From the pictures you posted, it's the bigger one.

    Serena Bowler in Purple
    This ebayer lists dimention (8"H X 13"L X 7"W) & retail price($1950).

    I have seen a smaller version of Serena (12x8) in Cholocate & Cream on ebay, the sellers listed the retail price of 900-1000.
  4. i just saw those! i want the smaller chocolate version...
  5. I like it, but it should be called SELENA.:roflmfao:
  6. leshent sold a brown one a few weeks ago for around $500
  7. ^^yep, that's the one. i remember when leshent listed it and i was being wishy washy about it at the time, so i missed out!
  8. Thanks ladies.....I think the last photo bag.lover posted might be the shoulder bag I saw on Sunday! Oh how I regret not asking that lady up-front what the style name of her MJ bag was. I will keep an eye out for that bag on eBay (hopefully reasonable prices).