Please help me ID this collection

  1. I am a Chanel newbie. I want to buy a chanel wallet badly! Please someone help me ID this collection. There are some CC logo, start, heart, No. 5 patterns on leather. What is this collection called? Also, is this collection made of lambskin? Thank you!!
  2. Pretty sure it's called "Precious Symbols" .
  3. They are made of lambskin. So pretty! I have seen them recently in black, gold, and silver. I have one in pink. I am not sure what other colors are currently available. Perhaps the other purse addicts can help out with that information. :o)

    It is a beautiful is a little bit bigger/bulkier than some of the other Chanel it depends what bag you want to use it in. I have a Cambon french purse for my classic flap.....but for larger bags this one should be perfect.
  4. I dont own the wallet, but i own the clutch/case in red!!! it is called the precious symbols, original retail, i think was 455 for the wallet... somewhere around that.... Aarti has the green one which is sooo cute! its quite durable but i havent used mine that much.... dont know if is still out, maybe try an outlet store? the colors were Red, pink,white,beige and green...and Black!