Please help me ID this coat!!

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  1. Hi all,

    I was watching some old episodes of "Make Me a Supermodel" and I LOVE Stephanie's coat.. I have tried googling it but I can't find out who designed it or where to get it. Does anyone know?? All of your help is appreciated :flowers::flowers:
    make me a supermodel - coat.jpg
  2. absoluely positive it's Marc Jacobs. I remember seeing it in Bergdorf months ago (definitely fall/winter season). Noticed it b/c I'm totally un-PC and love all things furry.
  3. omg roaryangel, thank you sooo much!!! :heart::heart: I've literally been looking at EVERY single website for it!! too bad it's no longer available on most websites :sad: have you seen it in stores recently?? again..thank you so much!! :yes::love:
  4. It is, indeed, MJ. It's Marc by Marc Jacobs from last season. It came in different colors as well. Since it is from winter, it's probably not around in stores anymore, but you can probably find it on eBay.
  5. ^^ Thanks!! Do you know if it runs large?? There's only a size small left :sad:
  6. MJ and it is soo adoreable - I think Neimans had some in recently in the sale (good choice!!)
  7. Perfect Day, do you own it?! I would LOVE to see modeling pics!! :nuts:
  8. I think it is from the Marc Jacobs collection line and not Marc by Marc Jacobs. The jacket sold out immediately if I remember correctly.