Please help me ID this bag!

  1. Hi! I've only just discovered love for Chanel bags!
    Would neone be able to id this bag for me? Is there newhere I'd be able to buy this? (small chance, huh?) :supacool:


    Yahoo! Photos - u8again's Photos - chanel bag
    (sorry bout the poor pic quality!):s
  2. Looks like the diamond stitch flap bag in white to me. It was posted b4 in Nordstroms catalog for Chanel handbags.
    Here's the link:

    It's the first one on the far left hand corner. You might want to call them, NM or Chanel boutiques. It comes in diff. colors. I know for sure the Chanel boutiques sell them, bc I've seen them there in black for sure. Not sure about the white though. Hope that helps:shame:
  3. NM in KOP has this in black.
  4. u8again, the *exact* bag is nearly impossible to find, I'm afraid. :crybaby:I've been on the lookout for one too. I have NEVER seen another one like it (which makes me actually wonder if it exists? Perhaps a sample or dare I say it... a fake?)

    I'm really hoping that some lucky lady on this forum has this exact bag! If you do, please share. :flowers:

    A larger picture from the OC: