Please help me id this bag.

  1. I thought I'd turn to the experts here. I bought this bag at the Coach Outlet in Woodbury Commons about 4-5 years ago. Does anyone know the style name and what it retailed for?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    coach1.JPG coach3.JPG coach2.JPG
  2. Does it have a creed inside? If so, it should have a series of letters and numbers at the bottom. Post them here, and we'll have an easier time tracking it down. :smile:
  3. Ah, I found it in the web archive. It was sold in Spring of 2001, it's called the Hamptons Leather Lunch Tote (which is what I'd guessed without even knowing, go me!) and retailed for $268. It's style number 7776. It's a great looking bag, the leather looks wonderful!
  4. ^ kezza, you are awesome!
  5. Thanks so much Kezza! I knew that you gals would be able to help!!
  6. Glad to help. :cool: :flowers: