Please help me ID this bag

  1. I just "borrowed" this bag from my mom and was hoping the Chanel experts here can help me with the name of this bag. Is this a classic flap? It measures approximately 11.5"L x 8.5"H with silver hardware. Thanks!:amuse:
    372969806303_0_ALB.jpg 407579806303_0_ALB.jpg 548079806303_0_ALB.jpg
  2. Looks like a vintage classic jumbo lambskin. Its hard to ID some Chanel bags because they can be very old. by the looks and the dimension, that's what it appears to be. I havent seen an older one with silver before.
  3. Thanks Luccibag! :shame: I am guessing that it's between 7-10 years old? My mom says that she has carried it just a few times but it does have some scratches on the leather. Do you know if I can bring it to the Chanel store to buff out the scratches and how much it costs?
  4. Yes you can definitely take it to the store to have them buff out the scratches. The cost depends on what exactly you want done. You can have it sent out. Its like a day at the spa for your bag. I know its not that expensive to do. A good SA will conditon and buff it out for you for free.
  5. Thanks again Luccibag! I have also noticed that the new classic flaps has double straps that goes through the top, is that one way to distinguish between the older and the newer versions? I hope I am not asking too many questions but I am relatively new to Chanel and was drooling over your awesome Chanel collection! :love:
  6. Well some of them from the 80s had double straps too. Hard to tell with Chanel sometimes. You must have a serial number in the bag. Chanel may be able to tell by the serial number.
  7. oh wat a gorgeous bag! it's a classic flap, but vintage.. i really want the reissue now.. its very similar to what you have. :smile:
  8. oh it does look like a reissue with that flatter quilting- lucky, now you can save yourself that $2K to put towards a lux!
  9. may3545 and ValleyOppressed - you girls are on my same wavelength! I have been eyeing the reissue and when I saw my mom's bag, I just had to borrow it! She was reluctant at first but when she got her new medallion tote, she had no problems letting this one go!! :rolleyes:

    I hope I can learn a little bit more about this bag though!