Please help me ID this bag that Katie Holmes has been wearing!!!

  1. That Katie Holmes is carrying? Thanks a lot in advance! :heart:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Can you resize the pic coz its taking a long time to load. You will probably get help if the pic is easy to view. :yes:
  3. Here:

  4. I love that bag! What is it?!?
  5. Me too! Guessing it could be Balenciaga, no?
  6. She looks amazing! I love the entire look, but don't know what type of bag she's carrying. Hope someone can chime in!
  7. I hope the same - it's a gorgeous bag!
  8. Anyone? Pretty please?
  9. maybe vlentino? hermes? maybe hermes.....
  10. I know it's not the same bag, but this Celine on has a similar look IMO.

  11. Long title, I know, but I need to figure out the brand of the bag Katie Holmes is wearing!!! Any help is GREATLY appreciated!!!!! :flowers:

    I was thinking maybe Hogan... I need to look into it some more!
  12. Someone else had a thread about this bag also. No conclusion was reached yet but someone found a Celine bag on bluefly that looks a bit similar to it. Might it be Celine as well?

  13. DOH! Silly me for not searching first. Let me merge the threads.. sorry all!
  14. Bump!!!