Please help me ID this bag that Katie Holmes has been wearing!!!

  1. That Katie Holmes is carrying? Thanks a lot in advance! :heart:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Can you resize the pic coz its taking a long time to load. You will probably get help if the pic is easy to view. :yes:
  3. Here:

  4. I love that bag! What is it?!?
  5. Me too! Guessing it could be Balenciaga, no?
  6. She looks amazing! I love the entire look, but don't know what type of bag she's carrying. Hope someone can chime in!
  7. I hope the same - it's a gorgeous bag!
  8. Anyone? Pretty please?
  9. maybe vlentino? hermes? maybe hermes.....
  10. I know it's not the same bag, but this Celine on has a similar look IMO.

  11. Long title, I know, but I need to figure out the brand of the bag Katie Holmes is wearing!!! Any help is GREATLY appreciated!!!!! :flowers:

    I was thinking maybe Hogan... I need to look into it some more!
  12. Someone else had a thread about this bag also. No conclusion was reached yet but someone found a Celine bag on bluefly that looks a bit similar to it. Might it be Celine as well?

  13. DOH! Silly me for not searching first. Let me merge the threads.. sorry all!
  14. Bump!!!
  15. It's not exact but has same color scheme..... I really like the one I found, though! LOL!

    I'm so curious to know the exact model!