Please help me ID these CLs

  1. So my friend offered to sell me his sister's CLs because they are too narrow for her.

    I'm not sure I am crazy about the suede (suede and I have a love/hate thing going on) and I don't know if they will be too small. I think most CLs run small. But I am anxious to get my first pair (that I can actually keep and fits)...And they're only asking about $400 something....

    I'm leaning slightly towards no just because I prefer the patent peep toe look :shrugs:

    Advice? Suggestions? Enabling?

    Thanks everyone!
    DSC_0060 (Small).JPG
  2. They are only asking $400 something more than likely b/c they got them for $280. Or, they went on eBay and paid somebody $400 for them. hehe Those were the shoes that were mistakenly posted for $280 by NM online. Here is the thread that will tell you all about it...all you really need to read is like the 1st page, most of the other 26 pages of the thread is us complaining about NM. lol

    They are ok in my honest opinion. I would take your $400 and wait until sales season and get a pair you LOVE, and better yet you will probably be able to get a pair for even less than that! :smile:
  3. From what I remember, people have been saying that it's not the greatest quality. I'm not too fond of suede, so I wouldn't get them for any price. I agree with ashakes - definitely save the money for sale season! I got a pair of pigalles for $270 during the sale over the summer. :smile:
  4. Those are the Yoyo suede pumps and I would have to say if you prefer patent, save your money for something else.
  5. Don't do it, liz.

    Your first pair of Louboutins should be one that you absolutely love. I don't think there is anything special about this pair, and you don't sound like you are too enthusiastic about the style or the fabric either.

    Something better will come along.
  6. Wait and get a pair you really love.
  7. Liz - please do not succumb to the nightmare that was the $280 yoyo from Everyone was very excited about this shoe when it was featured online for $280 (by mistake of course), but once people started receiving them, the excitement quickly faded. The shoe is very ordinary and you can find something very similar from another brand for much less. The only redeeming attribute to this shoe is the red sole which makes it immediately identifiable as CL, other than that I think that this shoe is just ok. Honestly, when I got my pair, I was quite disappointed. The workmanship seemed very sloppy which is very rare for CL shoes, and believe me I have many. There were black marks on the edge of the sole, which I am guessing is from the dye used on the suede. After I tried the shoes on for a few minutes, I was shocked to see that the silver and black paint on the inside of the shoe was all over my feet. This has never happened to any of my other shoes with the beige and gold interior.

    In any case, I recommend that you hold off for something special by Mr Louboutin. He is known for making shoes that make mature and respectable women drool. So wait until you find something that you truly love rather than just getting it because it *seems* like a good deal. And if your friend's sister actually purchased the shoes from herself, then it looks like she will be profiting by selling them to you. Which of course there is nothing wrong with that, but it might change your mind about the *deal* you're getting.
  8. And keep in mind that the sales will break in just about 7 weeks, so there will be plenty of deals on CL shoes soon.
  9. I suggest you don't buy them, after wearing mine for about an hour my feet were in pain and also the silver soles not glued properly. Save your money on a pair you really fall in love with. That's my opinion.
  10. I tried those on at NM and I did not like them. I would save the money and get another pair that is way better.
  11. Nice to know! :yahoo:

    But your money & spend it on a pair you love.
    If your looking for a deal you can always try eBay ;)