Please help me id my agenda

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  1. I know, you would think by now I would have figured out what it is that I own, but no. Jag is totally clueless when it comes to agendas. Someone please help me identify what it is that I have.

    Here are the pics from when I first got it:

    Some thought it was a vision but now I am not so sure. The Vision looks longer whereas mine seems more like it is somewhere between the petite modele and the vision shown here:

    It measures 4" by 5.25"

    Please, tell me what you think I have? :shrugs:
  2. Allow me to tell you...LMAO...It looks to me like you own the GM agenda with one hook. Your agenda is the exact dimensions of the GM, if I am not mistaken. It can also come with a pen loop or without and yours appears to have none. That would be my guess! (correct me if I am wrong)
  3. The vision is what I use for my checkbook so it is definitely longer in length -- I used to have that size -- you are funny!! Are you trying to buy a refill or just curious?? If you have the refill, I think it says on the backside...
  4. yes, its the is just called the grande modele....

    here it is from the french website...

    its not on the US one at the moment.
    It doesn't have another name, like globtrotter or vision.

    ETA, it is so pretty, jag!!!
  5. Thank you so much ladies!!!! I was just stumped and needed to find out because I might let her go. But then I took her back out, and realized how pretty she is so I think I might keep her yet. LOL!
  6. LOL!! i have done that so many times, Jag.....The color is so pretty...
  7. I find all the different style agendas confusing as well. Pen loops, no pen loops, zipper, no zipper and many with the same name.

    Yours is cute!
  8. Thanks ladies! Can anyone tell me how much current retail is on the GM?

    Thank you again for all of your help!!!! I truly appreciate it!!!!!
  9. Don't you dare let that baby go!!!! Unless you want to pass her along to a friend many many miles away........:P:graucho:

    (Miss ya girl....gonna be back home during July/Aug hope to get together!!!!!)

  10. OMG! YOU ARE COMING HOME!!!!!!!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    You better believe we are getting together!!!!! I miss my partner in crime!!!!! SO EXCITED YOU ARE COMING IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I just want you all to know what a dunce I am.

    I just looked at the insert (d'oh) and it is the grand modele. :lol: