please help me ID a bag...

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  1. Today a new NMLC opened in Dallas and my girl friend got a gorgeous BV bag, deeply discounted. I would like to be able to tell her a little info about it. I don't have pictures, but here's the description. It is an open tote (no top closure at all) with either a real of faux tortoise shell chain handle (about a 6-7 inch drop, but can be worn as a shoulderbag). It is a multi-colored tan snakeskin and based on the original exorbitant list price (approx. $5400), I'm thinking it's perhaps anaconda. The skin also resembles the new white anaconda BV tote with large-ish scales. The initial markdown was to around $2300 and the NMLC opening added a 25% further reduction, so she paid about $1600 for it. It's a medium size bag. I would guess it's from 2006, as I got a hugely discounted 2006 Gucci there today. Her BV is medium size, with pockets on either end that can be secured closed. Any ideas on the style or season? Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. ooh the one in Frisco!?
    Was it a madhouse?
  3. It is the new one at the Allen Premium Outlets. It's not officially open until tomorrow, but I got an invitation (along with thousands of others, LOL!) to attend a private shopping event today. It WAS a madhouse, but I was able to score a Gucci Amalfi hobo in cognac, marked down from $1790 to $805, then with an additional 25% off, bringing it to $611...CHA-CHING! There were quite a few Chanel bags there too which were snapped up in literally seconds. I got in right at the opening and let me tell you, the mad dash to the purse section was hilarious. The clothes were nothing special, but shoes, purses and men's casual clothes were all terrific.
  4. oh, Allen. . . I don't live that direction, I get them confused :shame:

    Go back on a weekday morning in a week or so. . . the clothing is usually pretty good, but it's NO fun to shop when it's busy.
    Our Last Call almost never has Chanel:cry: