Please help me, I want rainbow inside my Birkin

  1. Oh gosh, I can't help it but fully convert to H world!! :nuts::nuts:

    I'm so inspired by all beautiful accessories you all have and I would like to make my Birkin happy with the rainbow inside... :yahoo::yahoo:

    Can you help me design the color and make some suggestion on accessories, please?? :p

    I attach the picture of my Birkin and what I have right now, Ver Anis Ulysee and Carmen Key Ring....

    I'm going to H Store tomorrow since I order in some accessories....Here are what I'm thinking...

    Wallet - I order Compact Bearn in Orange
    Karo PM - Blue Jean, SA said the leather might be smooth? So it might not be Cherve?
    Coin Purse - Can't decide on le 24 or Bastia. What color should I get?
    CC holder - I see this Yellow CC (see pic) or should I get Bastia CC in Violet?
    Carmen Key Ring - I can still switch to another color. What do you think?

    Anything else interesting? You can still make suggestion on the color for Compact Bearn and Karo PM as well.....

    Help Help....
    IMG_2111.JPG card and coin case.JPG
  2. How about a little something in rose shocking?
  3. One thing I can say is that you're definitely a "planner". I don't remember being so organised in my thought processes what items to get. My head would constantly be in a muddle. It's "I see, I like, I buy". That's why I end up with a couple of orange items, i.e. pen holder (chevre) and Azap Long (epsom), piccolo (rose shocking) and carmencita (rose shocking).

    For the Karo, if it's not in chevre, it would most likely be in epsom. I hope others can chime in here. I don't know if it comes in any other leathers.
  4. Oh, and one must have some vert anis?? Ah, you have that already! I think something big (like the bearn) in rs, it's a lovely color. Keyholder in orange?

  5. Definitely get the Violet coin purse! If you go with the orange bearn I think the yellow would not be as nice a contrast....or as Rose says...get the Bearn in RS!!
  6. aw, heck, i was going to say get a ulysses, but you already have one, LOL. the pic didnt load!!! What refill pages do you have in there?

  7. ^^^^ yes, the ulysse is invaluable! A must have.....
  8. I'm with Quinn's Mom...I think a violet coin purse would look so cool!!
  9. I'm pretty sure I will get Compact Bearn in Orange since it's H color and it should be pretty classic and neutral yet fun.... I guess I need to find other colors for other accessories to compliment the wallet. :p

    , yes, I have Ver Anis already. Great color.... I'm debating if I should get Karo PM in RS like yours. Yours is so pretty. However, I'm not sure if I'm a pink girl. I'm trying to pick the color that I will like if I use Karo as a clutch. That's why BJ come to mind.... What do you think of Red? Which Red is pretty?

    mrssparkles, I like your idea of "see, like, buy" too. However, my store doesn't have everything to see and choose. Also, I'm stingy on tax!! :push: I'm going on business trip in a few days to state with no H store and I want to load stuffs and have them shipped there... :yes:

    Quinn's Mom, yes, I love love violet!!! SA can't find le 24 in violet. I might get CC holder then.... :shame:

    CobaltBlu, I have just blank page to take note on my Ulysee

  10. Yeah, I'm sure it'll be lovely but my SA can't find it for me.... :sad:
  11. The Karo PM is probably too small to use as a clutch and alsmost impossible to find in RS at the moment. I am not sure about which rouge to get, I am still thinking about this myself and have not quite decided. The other accessory that I have and love is the clarisse GM. Super handy!
  12. I found that the stores had very limited colors in the various accessories, so sometimes, it's just a matter of choosing from what is available (including from what your SA can find by doing a store search).
  13. Definetly go with something violet . I have a violet wallet and love it!!! I also recomend a key wallet (another great way to add some color!!!!)
  14. I vote for the violet coin purse! As for the Karo PM - it's probably blue jean swift. I saw one in my store the other day. Very pretty but it's soft and smushy. If you are planning to use it as a clutch, you may want to look for one in chevre which is more structured. :yes:
  15. a brighton blue agenda?