Please Help Me!! I"m New Here!!

  1. Well hey there!!
    First of all, My name is Andrea- I'm a newcomer here!! So glad I found you! I actually found this site through an eBay auction- the gal said she bought a purse from one of you gals- the gal sellin the purse was named "purseslave" So hello if you are here!!

    ANyways, I am having a bit of trouble :sad: You see, I have been blessed with a brand new LV Denim Neo Speedy. I'm not an expert on these bags- but I am thrilled to have aquired this! Now I wasn't able to get the original tags, etc for it :sad: I LOVE the purse, however I would rather pay off some bills than carry such an expensive purse on my shoulder... haha!!

    So I tried to list this thing yesterday- I was totally truthful, however I didn't want to put the "100% authentic guarantee" that so many people say. Sure- I believe it is- but how is my word going to get them to believe me? They don't know me, I have never sold any LV on eBay before... you follow me here?

    So I get an email from eBay this morning- of course I was anticipating tons of bids- nothing- I don't even think it made it up.

    I had NO idea ebay had such a tight rein on these things until after I get this email and start reading your forum and other places.

    SO! Tell me gals- I really need to sell this purse- What can I do besides going down to a store (WAY to far away from me) to get it authenticated??

    Can any of you help me?

    Like I said, I LOVE the purse, but knowing that I could make some good money on something I've been blessed with- I'd rather bless my family than just myself... if you have a hubby & 2 kids u know what I mean!!

    Anyways, I look forward to hearing what you gals have to say- I can send pics to ya- I took lots- I even added a little bear figure in the pic to show that it wasn't pulled off some website (thought that would help on ebay but apparently not)

    Talk to ya soon!
    Thanks in advance for your help!

  2. Place pics in the LV authenticate this forum.SELLING is not permitted in the pf though
  3. Hey!
    Thanks so much- I'll try to find that thread!!

  4. will authenticate your LV for a small fee. If you go to their website, there is a link on the left hand side of the page. Good luck!