**please Help Me...i Don't Know What 2 Do

  1. im going to try and not make this long....

    I mailed out a package using fedex and i declared the value (over 3k) the package didn't get their on time and the person who i sent it to left the country so i called and told them to send back the package.

    When the fedex delivery man gave me the package i didn't notice anything and to be honest i was doing something else and i was on the phone so i just set it aside...10 min later i went over to the package and i noticed clear tape on the side comming from the bottom side (I used brown gum tape) so i looked at it and you can CLEARLY see the box was cut open where i taped it so their was 3 sides that was cut and it was resealed with clear shipping tape. I opened the box from the top and ALL OF MY ITEM WERE MISSING and the box was refilled with fedex shipping envelopes
    At that moment i got so dizzy i thought i was going to faint!!! i litteraly felt my blood drain from my face and i started seeing little white specks

    i called fedex in TEARS:crybaby: :crybaby: and was told i had to file a claim

    long story short i filed a claim with fedex and a inspector came and took pictures of the box...I was right their when he took it the pictures and he just took pictures of the envelopes in the box he DIDN'T take pictures of the bottom of the box where you can see it was CUT OPENED with a sharp knife or a box cutter. i didn't think nothing of it and this is his job so i just stood their.

    to make everything worse my claim agent was rude to me the first time we spoke when i was just calling to see what was going on w/ my claim... so after 3 convirsations i had where i felt she was rude i started calling fedex and complaining b/c i didn't want her to work on my claim...i called everyday because no one was calling me back...and i was worried she might deny my claim because she thought i was being a pain...so i thought it would be best...i found out that they denied my claim the person who called me was a executive assisatnt to the ceo of fedex.?!

    and i was told they don't think it was done while fedex had the package and that i cannot refile a claim. now that i think back how can they make a judgement on pictures where it doesn't show where it was cut opened!!!

    :wtf: :wtf: when i shipped out the package it weighed 3.15 pounds and now it must weigh maybe 1 pound just from the box and envelopes...

    she told me i can write a " letter " to the ceo of the company to see if they can reconsider the claim

    but what good is that going to do!!!! a letter come on....

    i was doing research online and i found out that if i try to take them to small claims court the burden will be on me to prove it was opened and my items were stolen from a fedex employee which will be impossible to do!!:crybaby:

    i really do not know what do do...has anyone ever gone thru this? any suggestions please....:sad: :sad:
  2. OMG! OMG! i had to vent reading this :sad:
    i'm so so sorry to ehar what happened to you, but i never been in this situationa dn honestly don't know what reaction i had if i were in ur place :crybaby:
  3. OMG... I am so sorry this is happening to you! It's awful! I've never been in a situation similar to this so I have no experience on how to handle this. I wish you all the best! Good luck!
  4. Why can't you prove that it was taken by a FedEx employee? After all, the package was in their care all the time (I assume it was not handed in to the person you sent it to, and was routed back to you)? I know that UPS stongly recommends that you should not sign for the package if there are signs of tampering.

    It boils down to a case of your word against theirs...you should try it anyway.
  5. i didn't sign for it because i was the shipper..well thats what im guessing he just handed the package to me and i didn't see the bottom of the package ...as for proving it who excatly can i say did it? im going by what i found on a website where someone posted a similar situation and in court fedex will tell the judge to prove it was one of their employees....

    any help would be great!!!!:sos:
  6. OMG that is an absolute scandle I really feel for you I have no idea what you can do, sorry, But I hope this all works out for you.
  7. OMG what a horrible situation to have to deal with. Good luck. HUGS. let us know what happens.
  8. any thoughts anyone?
  9. I would call them and say it certainly did happen while in the hands of fed-ex and since they have rejected your claim you have no alternative to file a police report and consult counsel on the matter.

    And do so!

    Good luck!
  10. Oh dear... I have to agree with everyone so far, you are going to have to seek counsel and probably go a legal route....

    I don't know what else to tell you, but Good LUCK!!! And please keep updating us on what happens...:sad:
  11. i'd call my lawyer.
  12. my heart goes out to you, you are being treated unfairly and it looks like legal action is the only route now. best of luck, keep us updated, and if you need anything more, let us all know on here.
  13. would it be bad if i keep calling everyday and tell them im not going to just accept their answer and keep calling? i spoke to the same woman today and she just won't budge :sad:
  14. HOLY MOLY..Id be ill too...UGH..SO sorry..what a PITA!
    Call an attorney asap.Maybe a threatening call from an attorney will help?
  15. That's terrible! I'm so very sorry this happened to you. I can only imagine how u were feeling when you found out that your items were missing. I have no advice for you because I've never been in this situation, and I pray I won't ever be. I really hope everything turns out okay for your. They've treated you very unfairly. I don't understand how this company wouldn't take your claim serioiusly. Something needs to be done, this is not right! Best wishes to you! *HUGS*