Please help me H tPFers

  1. Well besides a cashmere scarf i have NOTHING H. but i would loveee a new wallet oh and an orange clemence birkin w/ palladium HW (except i have 0 patience) anyways i was wondering if you guys could help me out with H wallets(PICS PLEASE!!! :smile:) whats the best? and do any wallets have clemence?
  2. i highly suggest a wallet in epsom - they are very hardy!!!!
  3. Um, I think Hermes make Dogon purses in Clemence. There are a few wallets available actually though I can't remember all their names. Japonaise Bearn, Top 24, Azap.
  4. Here is a thread that might help with your decision. Within this thread is my post (#4) which gives even more threads that talk about wallets. I have a Togo Combined Dogon that I got in Jan. 07 and it still looks brand new and I use it every day. I totally love it!!
  5. Bearns, seem to be popular, followed by dogon (sp?) and AZAP. I too suggest epsom, its a great sturdy leather. Dont opt. for box unless you like the worn in scratched vintage look (which i personally dont) but many members here love.
  6. im thkning of a blue jean epsom bearn, or a combined dogon
  7. ^Well there you go, that´s a good choice!