Please help me get over this paranoia!

  1. Ok, yes, I am a nut about my bags since they are an investment. But I just got a new Speedy 30 and am agonizing over breaking it in. The leather is so prestine and beautiful in its untouched condition. I decided to take it out the other day and OMG, got a tiny spot of dirt on the virgin leather. I know LVs look better broken in, but I am really stressing about getting my new baby dirty.

    Ladies, please reassure me that it's ok to take her out, I am not the only one that stressed about this newness, or send the men in the white coats for me! LOL.
  2. enjoy will get more LV and one day that will be your knock around bag trust me...I felt the same way now I have more LV and guess what my speedy is my knock around take out in bad weather bag....
  3. it's a waste of your hard earned money not to take her out!! Enjoy!
  4. It is so hard! But you just have to get it out there and have fun showing it off. The first few times are the hardest, and then you'll be carrying it everywhere. I still haven't carried my mono speedy 30 yet. I'm carrying the damier through the winter. So I feel your pain with that virgin leather on the speedy. Get this--I was smelling the wonderful vachetta handles and got lipstick on them. OMG, talk about freaking out! But I got almost all of it off. Good luck and try not to be too protective!
  5. I understand how you feel as I just purchased my mono speedy 25 about a month ago. Just take the plunge and enjoy your new bag! You'll love using it!
  6. I freaked out the first time I got a mark on the handles of my Manhattan GM. But then I looked at my Alma and saw how the handles darkened and all those small spots and marked just blended in. After that I felt a lot better. I try my best to keep my new bags clean but it's impossible so I just had to accept that they would get a little dirty.
  7. If you really do wear out the handles.. you can always get them replaced.. for a fee of course, but it will save you from replacing the entire bag.

    You should definitely take it out.. and use it! I mean.. that's what a hand bag is for!! :biggrin: They are designed to take some sort of wear-age.
  8. LOL I'm feeling the same way about my Speedy 25. Its my first LV bag and I'm trying so hard not to hold it by the handles! I don't even wanna think about the handles getting dirty ahhhhhhh!! :wtf:
  9. =) i am paranoid about using any LV with patina... but that doesnt mean i'm not gonna use it!!
    enjoy your bag! and bring an eraser with you!
    i always find myself in class erasing dirty marks on my BH
  10. Ditto! I enjoy it even more once the patina sets in cause I don't worry as much anymore!
  11. trust me i kept my speedy in its box for three months because I was afraid to get it dirty I have used it none stop since labor day

    oncce you start using it and get used to it

    also get leather treater to slow down the worn in look
  12. i'm the opposite, from the moment I got my speedy I wasn't "babying" it...I was actually pretty rough with it, just because I don't want my hard earned money to just be sitting in my closet. I like to use mine and know that i worked hard for it and I would like to get my money's worth out of it. I don't take it out in the rain though just to prevent water marks, but I already gained a scratch on it (i dunno from where)...on the handle, usually that would FREAK Me out, but with my speedy i think of it as a good difference, like it would be easier for me to tell that it is mine b/c of the scratch....i dunno if that made sense...oh well.
  13. You want a good laugh? I used my new Speedy 30 (which actually is pre-loved but absolutely gorgeous) this weekend. Went to the mall in Charlotte and ended up carrying it on my left arm because I didn't want the bracelets on my right arm (especially the diamond one which has more links) to scratch it! Isn't that just the silliest thing you're ever heard? It's a purse! I also found myself picking it up by the edge and sliding my arm through because the handles were so darn perfect.

    I understand EXACTLY what you mean!
  14. Don't worry about the dirt coz the handle will go brown beautifully as you continue using it. Enjoy using the bag only prevent from the water stain and any remarkable'll be fine!!! 1.5 yo daughter did the a little ball pen mark on my mono speedy 30 handle. I use the baby wipe but it won't work so I just ignore it and kept my bag out of her reach!!!
  15. LOL I know exactly what you mean! When I first got my Speedy 35, I was so afraid of the vachetta!!

    However, a few days ago I took the plunge and treated it with Shining I am taking her everywhere with no worries!! :smile: