Please help me get OUT of my Bag Funk!!!

  1. Maybe it's because I've been concentrating so much on what to buy for others for the last 2 months, but I am in a major Bag Funk! It's like I don't know where to even start looking for something that I'll like. Or the things that I do run across are just kinda so-so. My birthday is in a few weeks and I want to pick out something that I will love and get lots of use out of. And around this time of year, and right after Christmas I know there will be tons of sales. So here is what I hope you ladies can give me some suggestions on....

    I have lots of slouchy, so I was looking for something a little dressier, structured, more for work and evenings out. (P.S. I just got a new job too, so it will be a celebration for both - Yeah!!!) It has to be something I can carry on the shoulder. I don't like very small bags, but nothing giganormous either. Some type of outside pocket or organization is good as well as a nice lining. I guess the color I'm mostly looking for is a beautiful brown, bronze or blonde leather, any shade but very useable. If you run across a dark red or rust, that would work too. I'm not opposed to any brands either. Oh, and I was hoping to keep @ 500$ or under but for something fantastic, I could sweet talk the boyfriend (his poor wallet after Christmas)!

    Thanks in advance!!! :smile:
  2. Have you tried some Marc by Marc Jacobs bags? It's most likely in your price range. Good luck and let us know what you get!
  3. I also recommend MBMJ. Love his stuff. Also, Cole Haan and Francesco Biasia have nice leathers.
  4. If you haven't found anything you like, you could minimize the risk of buying something you're not totally happy with by accepting that there's nothing you really want or *really* need at the moment (as there isn't, you haven't found one), and sitting back with that money in your wallet for a bag that really catches your eye. It will be so much more rewarding.

    I know what you mean about the "structured" issue, though. You really have to look for them.
  5. How about botkier (sophie in large) ... if you go to (they're offering it at 556.00/ orginial-695) but they're offering 20% off to pf members( if it's your first purchase) so if you contact them they'll give it to you for 444.80. I was thinking about it so i had to ask :p
  6. I really do like the look of the sophie, and have been wanting to try Botkier. The only thing I'm wondering is if you can carry Sophie on the shoulder??? The large looks like a big bag, but its nice!
  7. I think the straps are adjustable... you should go to and if you zoom into the picture, you'll see that the straps have holes on them so that you can adjust the levels (i think)... or what you can do is e-mail erica from the site and she'll be able to answer all your questions. Hope this helps!:smile: ( and don't forget to mention to her about the discount)