Please help me get my light browns striaight!

  1. I'm so confused. :confused1:The color I want is the same as in the gorgeous Part-Time shown here (the one to the right, of course).


    What is it? Here's a picture of an 06 Fall Camel (I think):


    I have an 06 Fall Carmel First with much less veiny leather than the one shown here - but it's clearly the same color.

    I recently purchased (and returned) an 05 Camel Twiggy, as it was too much like Natural or Sandstone - I want the more golden (almost butterscotch) color. The leather on the Twiggy was gorgeous - but not the right color:


    I don't know if you can tell from that picture that the Twiggy is way lighter and less shiney than the Part-Time, above - but it's the color of that Part-Time that I'd love to have.

    Since my 06 Camel First is less veiny than the one above, maybe I should be looking for 06 Camel? Could that be what the Part Time, above, actually is? Or, if it's on 05 Caramel, that's what I should be looking for.

    You all helped me, earlier, with the 05 Caramel questions - it seems the Twiggies were more neutral/ Sandstoney looking than the Firsts or Cities - so it is possible that the first pic is of an 05 Caramel Part time?

    I know someone knows - cuz it's one of your bags there! I want honey, shine, not real veiny (some veins - fine). What do I want?
  2. The one you want is 06 fall camel. The one you think is 06 fall camel is actually 06 spring camel, also known as cognac (confused yet?). I can't comment on the First you have, but based on these pictures, that's what I think.
  3. I don't know if this helps or not, but I have an '06 s/s camel/cognac - it's definitely wrinkly, but not as veiny as the photo above. It is, however, a bit darker IRL than in my photo (taken w/flash)
  4. 06 Fall Camel. Not Caramel. Yes, I am confused. However, this time I'm going to write it on my forehead. :noggin: or find some other way of pounding it into my head. There's no upcoming color that's even close - and while I love the Camel/Cognac (why'd they DO that with the names?) it's the wrinkly looking one that I want. Batgirl, thanks for the picture - I need to take one of my 06 Camel to see what it looks like on a photo - it is definitely a bit darker in real life.

    Just as the 05 Caramel was too light and neutral for me.

    My 06 Fall Camel (NOT Cognac :noggin:) is not as wrinkly as the bag I posted above, but definitely more veiny than Batgirl's excellent bag (and I want leather JUST like that).