Please, help me get a grip.

  1. I am away from home, at an conference at which I am getting an award. I am really happy about the award but kind of missing being able to go to the new Hermes store in the Financial District, which is opening this week (yes I know, this is really perverse). Ok here's where I need to get a grip: after checking into the hotel, I went to the local Hermes and saw a 28 cm, blue jean togo retourne kelly bag with palladium hardware. It was really hard to walk out of the store without it but - I live in NY, I think I would feel a little silly with a bright blue bag. If it had been black or brown, I would not have hesitated. Unfortunately I am still thinking about it - I need to put this out of my mind, I am waiting for a black one (which is taking forever, by the way). I would feel really silly if a black one materialized next week and I had bought this one. I think. Please talk some sense into me.

  2. for gods sake woman get ahold of yourself:smile:wait for the black. 28cm blue jean is too darn cute for NYC..............i am here too.......i know:rolleyes:
  3. oh i live in nyc and i always carry color bags. well, i'm currently carrying a black bag but i don't have that many black bags. i think the blue would be so pretty!
  4. Pass, you are suffering from 'Instant Gratification' syndrome.

    Why buy a bag that you are going to feel silly carrying?
  5. But you take vacations...and the Hamptons are so close on weekends...:yes:I'm not ennabling, I'm being helpful.
  6. I'm with Hlfinn on this one...
    The BJ has been hauting you for will continue to haunt you.

    I see plenty of colored bags in NYC...hell...SJP has a blue Birkin...

  7. replying to myself.............obviously i am kidding but want the black wait for the black
  8. You've gotta feel it, Jedi. Do you love, love, love this BJ Kelly? If you bought it and the black one turned up in NYC could you have both?

    If not then perhaps you should walk away.

    Hey - big congrats on your award :smartass:
  9. Do not cave!! Let it go. Wait for the black. Delayed gratification is OK.
  10. :heart: jm, if you love it, get it. :heart:

    Congratulations on your award!
  11. This certainly is an possibility, no?? Or for a day when you need something to brighten your day.
  12. I love bleu jean, its wonderful for the summer, its wonderful for the entire year.
    I say just buy two!
    Just reappropriate money to buy both of them!:heart:
  13. I'm all for getting it myself...

    Congrats on the award. Perhaps you need to reward yourself with a little something???

    Let us know what you decide...
  14. Purchased my BJ birkin at the big Alaska will always be my "celebration" it... Black and brown before and them all...

    Good luck w/ your decision...
  15. Ooohhh - that sounds divine. I'm going to be NO help because I adore BJ Kellys!