Please help me for item not arrive!!

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  1. Hi,Everyone I won bid the item but it has never arrived to me .And then I asked the seller for my item she said she sent it already and she had a proof of post ( not recording just nomally mail) so she told me for going to ask my nearest post office.So I went there for asking many times but they said no my item therefore I emailed to her for refund my money but she refused cause not her faulty and told me for asking the post office again.
    After that I decided to open dispute by paypal on 30/06/09 and left time about 4-5 days ago when I checked into paypal they show some words(Requiring your action) but I didn't understand what they mean I have to do something or not because I have been seen in view dispute comments the seller came to replied to paypal .Please explain me to do the next step. Please help me this is my first time I have done it and I felt confuse or maybe I lose my money .Thanks a lot :crybaby:
  2. Post what Paypal wants you to do - that will help us figure out what your next step is.

    What country is the seller in and what country are you in?
  3. Call paypal on the phone and they will help you with it. I think the message you got was telling you the time you have to escalate it to a dispute. When did you win the item? Can you give us the item number or link to the auction?

    Where are you located and where is the seller located?
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    You definitely need to CALL PP. It sounds to me like a language barrier and if you do not understand what they are asking you to do on the website, they can probably help you better on the phone.
    If you opened a DISPUTE on 6/30/09, you only have 20 days to escalate to a CLAIM. Which you NEED TO DO within the 20 days or paypal will CLOSE the dispute. CALL PAYPAL ASAP.
  5. I thought it was 21 days to escalate to a claim?
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    Really?? I thought it was 10...?? Shall go check.... maybe it's changed since I read the rules last. Not that PP/Ebay rules are very damn clear.

    OK.. FOUND IT... and you are correct!! .... 20 days to escalate to a claim.....;jsessionid=KTSG1yhZ5CTrJnbllhLfS8vrrmGVmdRh2NTwcDtvwXyBm0mLzkQL!-1154552733?locale=en_US&_dyncharset=UTF-8&countrycode=US&cmd=_help&serverInstance=9005&t=solutionTab&ft=searchTab&ps=solutionPanels&solutionId=163368&isSrch=Yes
  7. Thank you everyone for your help The seller and me are in UK and I won bid on 17/06.Now I could find out to reply paypal and gave some detail for them.After that I am waiting for result from paypal again.