Please help me fix my Belen TMA!

  1. I have a beautiful chocolate TMA that I have only been using for a few months... and the other day I noticed that the beautiful pink lining is starting to come unraveled at the top where it attaches to the leather!

    Does anyone have any recommendations on where I can take this to get fixed? I emailed Jackie and she said she would look into it, but I'm desperate to get it fixed!!

    Any ideas??

  2. That doesn't sound good especially since I just bought a new BE myself.

    Jackie was wonderful with me in customer service and I'm sure that she will either repair or replace it. I wouldn't worry. But, I do know how you feel.
  3. Thanks - I'm really concerned, but I will try to stay calm until I hear back from her....
  4. where are you hannah banana?
  5. Any good shoe repair shop can stitch that up for you in no time!
  6. I'm in Dallas, Texas...
  7. Hannah--I don't own any BE yet, BUT considering how excellent customer service is their hallmark, you should contact Jackie and ask her opinion. I'm sure that if she can't make it right for you, she will point you in the direction of where to go next. Good Luck!:smile:
  8. Don't worry Hannah. I'm sure Jackie will have a solution for you. Failing that any handbag doctor (is that what they are called?) should be able to fix it.