Please Help Me Find...!?!?!?

  1. [​IMG]

    Legacy Stripe French Framed Wallet/Purse #40240

    I've called:

    Boca Raton: [FONT=&quot]5613628428
    [/FONT] Boston: 6172622063

    Troy, Michigan: 2486494877

    Madison, NY: 2127540041

    Texas: 2812982579

    Garden City, NJ:2015871442
    Massachusetts: 6177231777

    On eBay:

    eBay: Rare COACH Legacy Stripe French Purse Wallet NWT 40240 (item 150081839296 end time Jan-28-07 18:15:00 PST)

    eBay: Coach Legacy Stripe French Purse Wallet 40240 NWT RARE (item 230083172379 end time Jan-31-07 18:15:00 PST)

    They all say the JAX inventory of their stores are incorrect. Please help me find it. If I can find a BIN or somewhere in a store that would be better. Please help! :s
  2. Walk into the Coach Store & have them pull the listings. I did yesterday. All the stores that came up "1". which meant they were the floor models. KofP had one but it was in carpy shape.
  3. Well, essentially that's what I did. I called JAX and they gave me about 3 listings then I called those 3 and if they said "no", I asked them to do a all store search and they gave me several more. I have one left in CA too call, but I have to wait till 1pm EST for them to open and a SA at a store in Palm Beach is trying to hunt me one down too.
  4. I tired to find this item a few weeks ago and finally gave up after doing a special search through JAX and calling several stores. I finally gave up and moved on to other items (I even bought the legacy stripe framed wristlet). I really hope you find the item, but eBay might be your best choice. If you are vigilant, one might pop up with a BIN. The good news seems to be that the final selling prices on eBay are dropping from what they were a few weeks ago. Best of luck!
  5. I did buy the wristlet as a "just in case" backup. That's shipping from JAX today. But, I SO WANT THE FRENCH PURSE. It's sounds like I did the same thing as you. Hopefully, I will find one. I will post pics if I do.

    Any other suggestions out there? :crybaby:
  6. Try calling this store in Houston:

    Houston Galleria
    (713) 622-1705

    It's a flagship store and they may have it. No promises though on the framed purse. :sad:
  7. Just they don't have it either. :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  8. FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    They actually called me back after realizing they did have one. How nice! Woo Hoo!

    Shipping out today!
  9. :wtf: No way!! What a great rare find for you! Congrats!
  10. Congratulations!
  11. Thanks! I am so excited. It makes it a bit more special that I had to work to find it. Ya know? Ok maybe I'm crazy/an addict, but who isn't? :love:
  12. :yahoo: congrats!! it is gorgeous!
  13. :yahoo: Yea for Somerset in Troy!!! That's my store!!

    I'm sooo happy they were able to help you!!! I have found that if the SAs there recognize you, they try to go the extra mile...

    Awesome!!! Congrats!!! :yes:
  14. It was awesome because I called so many stores this AM to find it and only left my number with the one in Palm Beach, FL. So when they called I thought it was them. They said they had a log of my call and as they were emptying boxes saw a brand new one and had remembered I was looking for it. So, they called me and said "We have great news! We found your French Purse 40240 for you and we'll ship it out today!" I was so excited I could feel my heart pounding in my chest! It's amazing what Coach can do to you.
  15. congrats! so goo dto hear!