Please help me find...

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  1. Hello,
    I am desperately searching for the Hillier hobo in fresh grass. Does anyone know if there is a store that actually still has this?
  2. I haven't seen one. Can any of you ladies here on the forum help her out?
  3. your best bet is going to be stalking ebay, it's OOS everywhere (unless you want to settle for the mini) as far as i know. add to your signature that if anyone sees one, they can PM you - maybe you'll get lucky :smile: there's also a thread for bags people are looking for.
  4. Thank you!!
  5. 1227719_fpx.jpg
  6. Ah, sorry for my mistake. Parrot Green is a beautiful color though.
  7. Thanks for that though. I saw it last night and Liked the color too but seller won't respond to emails. I don't trust new sellers especially if only using stock photos.
  8. ITA! I'm eyeing one really nice bag, but the seller doesn't send me non-stock pictures. First time ignored me, than agreed, but didn't send anything. The listing's ending today. What am I to do? Don't want to take a risk. No bidders, btw, and almost a retail price...
  9. When that happens, I pass. I figure its not worth the risk and another will show up.
  10. I would pass too.
  11. Don't bid! There's something fishy about it for sure....