Please help me find..!!!???!!!

  1. I am in desperate need of a Large black Cambon bucket tote with the white CC's! I don't live close to any Chanel Boutique, but am willing to do whatever it takes to start my Chanel collection with this wonderful piece!!! Please help!!:hrmm: Where can I find this???
  2. That combo was discontinued, now only black on black or beige on beige is readily available.
    You can try eBay.
    If you're unsure about authenticity you can post questions in our Authenticate This! sticky provided above.
  3. Thanks so much Swanky! I will try that!
  4. I found this auction for you 150075209304 -- not sure if you wanted more of the tote style, but the price seems good.
    I've never purchased anything from that seller, but maybe someone here has.
    Best of luck!
  5. there's NO buying/selling/trading - DO NOT post this again!