Please help me find...

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  1. Please please please help me find a cranberry sabrina.
    I've called almost every outlet listed in the coach website, but none of them have it. If you find one at your outlet, can you please put it on hold and PM me. I see that there is one listed on ebay right now, but I'm looking for a little bit of a lower price.

  2. ugh! I can't believe that the seller is asking retail price for a used bag!

    You could always submit a best offer. Can't hurt to try, right? This color is going to be tough to find. They do pop up on eBay once a month or so.

    Good Luck, and I'll keep my eyes peeled for you
  3. ^^ couldn't agree more. I have the small cranberry, but always searching for the large. Saw this one, and for a reasonable price would have purchased, but it's scuffed up and used...that's just way too much for it.

    CD, you'll find one...when you least expect it, 'cause that's when I found mine.