Please help me find....

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  1. Please, please help me in my search for a fabulous new (or new to me:yes:)...... Black GSH Day..... perferably not from BalNY so I have a return/exchange option.

  2. i know ar has some
  3. AR? Aloha Rag?
  4. NM also carries them. You can call Lee at Short Hill NJ and he will find you one.:yes:
  5. That man is THE nicest and funniest SA at NM I have EVER talked to! He's amazing :love:
  6. NM at Garden State Plaza in NJ had a GSH Black Day 2 days ago... hope it's still there for you!
  7. i just saw one at the Barney's in beverly hills today!
  8. REALLY:nuts: That is local for me...more or less!!! loveffany....Did you touch her? Is she wonderful?????:yahoo: