Please help me find.....

  1. Hi all!
    Im desperately looking for a leather bag satchel/hobo in black or brown with leather lacy accents. Hope that just made sence:shame:. I have seen them but have no idea what brands they are:confused1:
    Can someone please lead me in the right direction? Thanks!!:okay:
  2. do you have a picture that looks like what you're looking for?
  3. By leather lacy do you mean like tassels?
  4. I so wish I had a picture. By lacy I mean that some of the leather on the purse is cut out to look like a lace sort of design. Jenn Aniston has a black one that she has used for a couple of years (Kooba I think) and then I saw a girl at my hair salon with a similar style. She got it from Bloomingdales a year ago. Went online and I just cant find anything similar. OY!
  5. There is an older style by Isabella Fiore that has the leather cut in a lacy fashion with a contrasting colour behind it... I'll try to find a pic...

  6. :nuts:Thanks!! I cant wait to see!!:tup:
  7. Look into Isabelle Fiore and Lockheart. Here's a Lockheart with a "lace" detail:
  8. Thanks! Its cute but Im looking for like an oversized hobo or satchel style.
  9. Hey babe - been through the ENTIRE listing of IF on eBay (inc. Express, Stores and Auctions), and there are NONE for sale at the moment!!! :sad:
    This is the only place I have seen them! I nearly caved into gabbing one like 10X in the past year... but I am scared that one of my critters will get their nail stuck in the detail (they are always nosing in my purse to see if I bought them treats!).

    The following pic is kind of similar... but the one I'm talking about is WAY more detailed and has the top layer which has been intracately cut out (in black) and the lower layer that is only slightly visible through the design.

    .... and it is a WAY different style than the one shown - WAY more hobo-esque!

  10. Thanks so much for your help. The one your describing sounds exactly what Im searching for. We'll have to keep an eye out for each other.
    Thanks again;)
  11. Will do - no prob at all seeing as I have a particular LOVE for IF - so I'm always scouring site for deals :smile:
  12. Could it be this one? eBay Item number: 150074002907
  13. Or IF Lavish Lace "Terry" Frame Handbag:
  14. Isabella Fiore

    Lavish Lace Kelsey Frame Bag

  15. Or IF Ooh La LA Lace? Ebay Item number: 200142063938