Please help me find which bag I want.

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  1. Ladies! . . . Please Help! Looking for ideas! . . . :idea:

    I don't know a lot about Coach. Other than I really like the leather quality. Can someone please advise me. . . I'm looking for a very large, smooth leather, bucket or hobo type, tan, shoulder bag . What should I be "googling" to get some ideas? Thanks!
  2. A large leather Carly would be GORGEOUS for you! They come in a couple of different colors. Check them out! :yes:
  3. how about a leather carly?
  4. COURT! Get outta my head! :roflmfao:
  5. That is the bag I thought of when I read what she is looking for!
  6. Leather Legacy Slim Tote.
  7. Lol. Great minds think alike. ;)
  8. Thanks for the suggestions! Should keep me busy for a while! . . .
  9. There are a lot of legacy vintage pieces out there on ebay if you don't want to spend so much. The newer ones come with the really nice or just a lining in general. I saw the camel carly IRL it is a georgeous bag but a bit pricey. You can get leather duffles or hobos for 135 at the outlets to 300 on I would go to an outlet if you can and look around, they sometimes sell stuf from their classic line as well. Good luck !
  10. I thought of the Carly (go figure) :P

    You could search, Coach Carly, Coach Ergo, Coach Legacy......or Coach Leather Purse. If you go to ebay just make sure to post in the authenticate column to make sure it's real! Good luck!
  11. Thanks so much! I'll be lookin' around for a while, I think. I'm in Canada so I don't have access to an Outlet, unfortunately. ( I live in an area that is definitely "shopping challenged"!)
  12. Carly would be my first choice. This pebbled leather shoulder tote is also a great bag - holds a ton and is lightweight. And it's less expensive than Carly.