Please help me find Ugg Classic Tall in Black

  1. I never thought I like the shoes but it's growing on me and it's so comfy! Today is the first time I try them on and I would like to get one.

    I usually wear size 6 in women but I tried on size 3 in kids and it fits me perfectly.

    I check out zappo,, Nordstrom but they don't have size 3 in black. Can you please help suggesting other sites or stores that sell these shoes, please?

    Thank you very much!!! :heart:
  2. Thank you, margaritaxmix! Too bad they don't have it in stock right now but I'll see if I should pre-order with them.

    If anyone knows other sites that have the shoes in stock, please let me know. :yes:

    I just got mines. I had such a hard time finding my size too, I am 6 and and I was looking for kids size 4 and never found them, I wonder if 3 fit me?? I got them on 5 women size, will see. Good luck.