Please help me find this wallet

  1. Can someone help me find this wallet? Thanks.
  2. eek! I saw that somewhere..can't remember where though. It was an online store like bluefly or joma. Could be something else. I'll check..
  3. It is not available at jomashop.:sad:
  4. oh thats probably where I saw it.. I'm sorry it isn't there anymore. It may pop up again there or somewhere else, I'll let you know if I see it!
  5. i think i also saw that on bluefly or overstock too

    **ohhhh and is this a new wallet for your new spy???
  6. That one Daloo posted is similar and very nice as well. If it had more credit card slots and was bigger I'd get something like that (or that!). I hope the one in bluefly works for you..