please help me find this twiggy!

  1. hello all i am so torn up on finding a calcaire twiggy! can anyone help me find one? please post!
  2. the bags that you are asking about are no longer sold at stores (as they are from a few seasons ago) so the only place to find them is on ebay. PFers will often post threads about authentic bags that are listed on ebay in the acthung balenciaga subforum. if you see one on ebay and it is not in acthung and you are unsure about authenticity, you can always ask about it in the authenticate this sticky.
  3. I know what you mean, I'be been on the hunt for a Calcaire City myself on ebay. There is a Calcaire Box on ebay right now, can't remember the sellers name though. I'll keep an eye out for you!
  4. ^^ awe, that calcaire box is too cute!!! :tender:
  5. is calcaire box the same as a twiggy?
  6. No, it's a different style. Twiggy is wider. Both are cute though!
  7. I don't have a Twiggy, actually I just bought an 05 Turquoise that should arrive this week. But I do have 2 City's and a Box. The Box is a great size and style, and I think pretty close to the Twiggy just a little shorter. I looked at the calcaire box on ebay and it's gorgeous. Maybe this picture of my City's and Box will help you get an idea of the Boxes size.