Please help me find this purse!

  1. I am in love with this dior purse, but I cannot find it anywhere and I don't know any identifying information about it beyond the fact that it's dior.

    I've added the image of the bag. If you know anything about this purse or ideally where I could buy it please post...I'm a desperate woman! :yahoo:
  2. I really want that yellow/cream color. Someone told me that it's a fake...but I love it. So if dior doesn't actually make that yellow color, I still want it.
  3. nope dior doesn't make it in yellow.

    they do make it in a gorgeous white colour or in metallic gold, or a nice subtle shimmery pearl colour.

    i'd highly advise against getting a fake, there's just a lot of nasty going-ons when it comes to a fake and the beauty about the gaucho is in it's design and distressed/aged look. that picture of the fake is just a really bad counterfeit and does no justice to a real gaucho and it's great design.
  4. the only colour dior makes similar is that off white creamy colour as on the pic here ...

    and well if you wanna go for a fake you won`t find help on this forum am afraid.