Please help me find this Prada Vit. Daino wallet

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  1. I'm hoping someone on the Prada forum has seen a wallet available that I am looking for.
    First off, I do not have a picture of it, but I do have a pic from Bluefly of a bag in the matching metallic leather. It is Prada and described as Vit. Daino Antik, color Piombo. The leather is a silvery black grey. The wallet is continental size (~7 or 8 inches long by ~4 inches wide) and zip around. The Prada logo is in goldtone metal. I believe it was from A/W 07 season, but feel free to correct me. If any Prada fanatics have seen this wallet available, please let me know. Thanks. Here is the pic of a matching bag:
  2. Nobody???
  3. Have you actually seen one anywhere? I'm not sure they made a wallet like that, but I could be wrong.

    I just found this on Raffaello Network, but it's the saffiano leather metallic. I'd advise against it because the saffiano metallics aren't always stable. I have a cosmetic case in gold metallic that's holding up fine, but my keycase looks like $**t!!! :mad:
  4. Hi jburgh, I think I have seen this wallet you described in the Los Angeles store recently. It's beautiful. try give them a call: 310-278-8661
  5. Hi - I just called Prada in LA and they were not really interested in helping. :cursing: Does anyone out there have a great SA at a US Prada? This wallet is not the grainy saffiano. The tag from the wallet I saw that was the small version said Vitello Daino Antik, plus the color Piombo. It is a gradation of black and silvery grey with the gold Prada logo. Definitely metallic and matches that bag pic I posted at the top of this thread. I think the style is 1MO506, but I could be wrong. Oh cr*p! Thanks for your help so far girls
  6. I am sorry to hear your experience. Try Michelle in the LA store. the wallet I saw there is definitely not saffiano.