Please help me find this Prada camel coat

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  1. Hello, can someone help me find this prada coat, please? I live in nyc and Barney is the only place that carries it but they don't have my size, 40 and don't plan on ordering more. I've tried the two prada boutiques (5th ave and soho), Bergdorf and Jeffrey. I am willing to order it international at this point so if anyone spots one please please please PM me and let me know which store. Thanks so much.

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  2. I would try London department stores like Harvey Nichols, Harrods and Selfridges. The weather is still mild over here - many people have yet to buy their winter coats. Good luck!
  3. i would try prada boutiques in asia. I live in taiwan, and it is still burning hot i don't think people start buying winter coats yet...
  4. Couldn't Prada locate it for you from their other stores? Or is it sold out at all the Pradas?
  5. I'm still waiting on Prada boutique to respond. My SA said she hadn't seen it in the store and that it might be for department store only. However, she is going to ask her buyer and get back to me. That was a day ago, haven't heard back.
  6. So heard back from my SA and this coat is only available in US department stores. So that ends my USA search. If anyone spots this coat is Europe or Asia, please let me know.

    Thanks ladies.