Please help me find this Miu Miu bag!

  1. I bought this bag online from NM and now my sister-in-law wants one as well, but it's nowhere to be found except on! I've tried NM, Saks, Bergdorf already...any other recommendations??
    Miu Miu handbags

    The consensus seems to be that sells authentic items, but I'd rather not take a chance and buy the bag from a more mainstream store here in the USA. Please help! Thanks!!
  2. Call Neiman Marcus at Garden State Plaza in NJ. # 201-291-1920 x 2126, ask for Jennifer. The bag was in store last weekend. She's my sales assistant and is wonderful. Good Luck.
  3. JoV,
    Thank you so much!! :kiss: I will give Jennifer a call, I hope they still have the bag!