please HELP ME find this mini skinny #6520

  1. so I was just browsing eBay and found the cutest mini skinny that I must have for my new swingpack. If anyone sees one somewhere other than eBay, can you please let me know??

    It's item #6520 and I'm looking for the all brown sig color.

    here's a pic:

  2. As far as I know this didn't come in all brown signature version. Just khaki signature/gold leather and khaki signature/white leather and *possibly* all black.

    I have the wristlet version of this with the khaki signature/white trim.
  3. ^Yes, I think you are right about the colors, Kristan. And, it did come in all black signature as well. :yes:
  4. yeah poo I just noticed that. The one on eBay looked dk brown but I read it again and it said black.

    oh well never mind ladies!!
  5. guess I will just order the reg mini skinny in all brown - boring!! hehe
  6. Is there an all brown signature mini skinny out now?
  7. I have an all brown mini skinny that I got from the outlet. It matches the all brown duffels that were out last year. Right now I carry it with my new Chocolate Carly.

  8. yeah it's # 6K25 $42

    1. (it's in the pulldown menu - not the swatch)
  9. Aw! Good luck finding it! I have it in black signature and I loveeee it.
  10. oh it's sooooooooo cute good luck tracking that down!

  11. That's the one that I have. I got it from the outlet in April but they only had one. I took it out of one of the displays.

    Here it is in the picture below with my new Chocolate Carly and the brown signature multi functional wallet.
  12. my tj maxx has these in black sig for 29.99 :smile: