Home & Garden Please help me find this coffee-scented candle!


Mar 20, 2009
Over the summer, I randomly found a coffee-scented candle made by a niche candle company. However, since it was a limited edition only issued in the Fall, it wasn't available at the time so I closed the website and figured I would come back to it later. Now that it's fall, I want to see if they reissued it and I can't remember the company or candle's name!

All I remember is:
- You could only buy the candle directly from the business - it's not a mall store brand, carried by department stores, or available on Etsy or Amazon.
- The company's name consisted of two words
- The containers the candles were in were simple and monochromatic
- The scent was black coffee or bitter coffee without vanilla, spices or sugar (not Heretic)

I know this is a long shot but I hope the collective knowledge of TPF can help me hunt down this indy candle company! I've done google searches, IG hashtag searches, and came up empty. TIA!