Please help me find this bag.

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  1. It was accessories spring/summer 2005 collection which called
    Petit sac à rabat en agneau ( Small flap bag in lambskin ) in
    baby pink. I know it sound too late to find out this bag right now
    but please let me hope a bit. Any ideas or anyone can suggest
    me? Where are possible to get? I neeeeeeeed it too much.

    Pictures credited by corgi0825
    2005Small flap bag in lambskin.jpg 2005Small flap bag in lambskin 2.jpg
  2. That is such a cute bag. I've never seen it before. Good luck in your search.
  3. Yes...this bag is the rare one. In Thailand my SA told me they sold out within a short days. I tried to find it many ways, many countries but it sold out every boutiques.
  4. you posted this yesterday as well.
    I'm closing this one since we don't allow members to post the same topic twice.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.