Please help me find this bag!

  1. Hi,
    If anyone has the time - could you look at this clip from a British comedy series and tell me what kind of bag the blonde actress (Keeley Hawes) is carrying? I remember seeing someone carrying a similar bag in striped canvas once, but I have no idea what brand it is. I absolutely love the bag - it's so casual and roomy.
    Anyway, there's a pretty good shot of it almost halfway through the clip.
    Thank you for taking the time!

  2. OK, first off... That's one of my FAVORITE comedies... Where did you find that clip? B.c I have the boxed set and it's not on there. I also love Keeley Hawes from Spooks and think that she always seems to have pretty decent style...

    About the bag, not so sure. It kinda looks like the Gryson Lexi (shoptwigs- on sale for $499)

    It's not, but it looks like it...

    I don't know. Maybe try a Tano for a similar style?

    Good luck!