Please help me find this bag: New Miu Miu Tote

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  1. Ladies,

    I totally missed all the excitement on the board over the new harlequin purses! Congratulations to all the ladies who are getting these beautiful purses!

    Unfortunately, DH will freak out if I purchase another BIG handbag.

    So while surfing around, I came across this gorgeous Miu Miu

    I nearly fell out of my chair. I don't have the dimensions and the model is very leggy and tall (I'm short and not leggy) but my guess is that this is a smaller tote. I desperately need the actual name of this tote if anybody knows.

    I'm trying to get it from Saks since marose28 just informed us that there's a promotion next week!

    BG is carrying it too but I prefer the mini version.

    Any help is appreciated!

  2. I have this bag in the BG version in black. I think the one from Net-A-Porter is the same size, maybe a little taller. I really don't think it's really "mini". The leather is super soft and smooth, the interior is lined in hot pink/fushia satin. I wonder what the lavendar one looks like inside.

  3. marose28

    Oh thank you so much!:flowers:

    Yes, I am gearing up for next week. I do have a tiny problem. My DH actually has the Saks card not me.

    I just found out that he's been getting special email invitations, pre-sale offers etc which he did not think to tell me.

    I had to rush down to the post Christmas sale battle because he neglected to tell me that he could have purchased the items at the pre sale.

    He said that he simply forgot. :smash:

    PS: I saw your Soia coffer at Saks the other day. Was so tempted. It's so beautiful so spring/summer.
  4. Oh my gosh! That is such a gorgeous bag....that color is amazing. :heart:
  5. Great bag!!

    I'd REALLY LOVE to know if the second version that linpaddy posted comes in any other color than lilac/lt plum??!!!! Anyone know? There are just gorg bags!!!!!!

    ETA: Wait, Savannah: Did you say you have the BG version in black??!! The one w/ the two longer shoulder straps?? I'm dying to get my hands on big is it and is it heavy?! tia
  6. marose and linpaddy, what's happening next week??!
  7. marose28 posted earlier that Saks is having a promotion next week. It's either a buy 2 bags and get to $400 OR Triple points on all purchases!!!

    I hope that we are not breaking any rules by announcing it. :smile: My saks SA just confirm that promotion but they are not sure how the news 'leaked'. Hee, thanks, marose28!

    You can rest assured that marose28 and I are not going to some back alley event where a dubious character is pulling goodies out of his car trunk. Hahaha!

  8. Ooopsie... linpaddy... noone heard it from me! what promotion? geez... this makes me love Amanda, my Saks SA, even more! Seriously, I have never been this happy with an SA. She's like the most wonderful find for me.

    LP, thanks to your Saks SA for clearing it up!!! Never rely on me to get little details as important as the how and what! I was just so elated Amanda found some more purses in the back for me and that there was an upcoming sale, I basically only heard "promotion. next thursday. $400 GCs." And I was completely "Oh yeah!!!"

    BTW, my husband is also the one who has a Saks card. And like yours, he happens to forget to mention little things like pre-sales and even GC they mail him! I found the last one he got... still in the unopened envelope. I've already used it and he doesn't even know! hee hee.

    I seriously thought of opening one in my name for the triple points that is coming up. Fortunately, Amanda gave me the heads up... I would rather have the GC than wait for the points to materialize. I like instant gratification!

    Good luck with the handbag search. I'm sure your SA will find it for you. I also saw the mytheresa posting... i love the soft color and the style! I also like the one posted earlier at the forum... see this? ... the only setback for me is that it doesn't come with a longer strap, which I like.

    P.S. back alley event. dubious character. goodies out his trunk. :roflmfao: Oh LP, you crack me up! I always love reading your posts.
  9. it is an amazing bag, i hope u get it!!!!! i might be droooooling now :smile:
  10. Pictures of my tote as requested: enjoy.


  11. Oh my, how lovely! Savannah, can you give me the Item # so that I can get BG to look it up? Does it come with a detachable strap too?

    Thank you so much!
  12. If anybody knows any SAKS store that is carrying it, please PM me. I'm somewhat desperate as Saks cannot locate it without an item #. Even the name on the Miu Miu product card will help if you know it.

    I'm reluctant to order from Net-a-porter since they have ONCE sent a defective item to me. It took a long time to resolve the issue and although it was resolved, I would rather avoid ordering from them if possible.

    Thank you!
  13. thank you linpaddy! i got my bag from Jeffrey's in Atlanta so it doesn't really have an item number. i have the miu miu card that came with the bag, does it have any number on there that would help you?